Why Billmymed Billing?

Key benefits of our Billing Services

Huge Saving

If you compare the cost of our top-notch services to the market, it is considerably low. We ensure that our clients get the best services at the lowest cost so that each provider can save more than $20k annually with us. Our competent and qualified team has been handling a complete range of medical specialties for years.

Increased Collection

We lend you a helping hand to get the timely collection and scale up your revenue because your success is our priority. Our experts do all it takes to make this increase in your collection from good to great as soon as possible. BillmyMed has the expertise to step up your monthly collections 15-20% more within just 60-90 days.

Decrease Denials

Denials mean worry and hassle for any provider, and we not only understand the seriousness of the problem but also know how to solve it. Our special focus is to save you from the trouble of denials. Though each denial is unique and time taking, our team takes the responsibility to resolve the denials as quickly as possible.

Dedicated Team

Success depends on a good team, a team that not only knows its job well but is also sincere with it. We are fortunate to have these excellent qualities in our wonderful team. We have the right people at the right place in our team, and our team is the most vital part of our diligent services and incredible success.

Flexible Pricing

BillmyMed offers complete billing services of the highest quality at a lower rate on clients’ monthly collection. The pricing is not only low but also flexible so that you can avail our services according to your preferences. Whatever services you want, we help you get the most flexible and attractive pricing options.

Practice Audit

Practice audit is among the most sought-after services. It is specifically designed to help you accelerate the development of your practice. Our audit experts perform practice analysis very diligently to help you detect the weaknesses and trouble points of your practice in order to make critical changes and improvements.

Multi-Specility Billing

Our services are not only excellent in quality but also comprehensively designed to suit the needs of all medical professionals and specialties. Whatever your specialty and level of practice are, we affordably provide the best quality services. We offer a complete range of billing services for all medical specialties.


Reporting is one of the most effective ways to take your practice to the next level. Our reports are timely, cover the most important aspects, and provide you with the most important information you really need. These reports provide you with valuable information at each step that is vital to deciding what to do next.

Value Added Services

Bundled with our Billing Services

Who We Are?

We are a group of professional coders who are working under the HIPAA Act. We are always available to help healthcare providers to smooth their practices and increase their monthly collections. Our team is professionally trained to work in all departments of billing. BillmyMed has been working with almost all specialty providers for the last six years.

Our priority is to provide accurate, timely, effective billing and coding services and a comprehensive end-to-end solution to our clients with 100% transparency of the process.

BillmyMed has taken a responsibility to fight for each dollar that our respected clients deserve.

Patient Scheduling

Our professional callers provide patient scheduling services to providers with positive clinical outcomes, resulting in optimization of physicians’ time and resources, and patient satisfaction.


We are providing all types of Credentialing and Enrolment services to providers who wish to bill the claims and receive reimbursement for services as an in-network provider from insurance.

Patient Calling

Our patient support department has comprehensive knowledge to handle the patients’ concerns about their statements and general billing queries and to assist the patients professionally.

What Clients Say

There was a lot of deliberation before choosing a new medical billing company. I was worried about it and it seemed difficult to decide. After much research and advice, I finally chose BillmyMed, and I would call it good luck that this decision proved to be a completely right step. This team is not only technically excellent but also dedicated to the spirit of cooperation and support. I don’t remember any time when I needed them and they didn’t solve the problem immediately. This is a great team, no doubt about it. If you would like my opinion, I would strongly recommend that you choose BillmyMed for your billing needs with full confidence.

When I started private practice, I realized that billing was a very important and serious matter. Initially I hired a company but I was disappointed. A friend of mine suggested hiring BillmyMed, as he was already using their services and was very satisfied. Today, I’m glad I followed my friend’s advice, because BillmyMed proved to be a business partner who not only understood my needs in the best way, but also did their best to meet them. BillmyMed has always responded to me immediately and every member of their team is always ready to cooperate. Needless to say, it would not have been possible for me to consolidate and develop a new practice without BillmyMed.

I would like to say that BillmyMed has provided the best services to suit our needs. We’ve always had a problem with billing before, but BillmyMed has solved our problem forever. We haven’t felt the need for anyone else since we started working with BillmyMed. Their team is very supportive, they do their job very responsibly, and whenever we ask them for help they listen to us carefully and come up with the solution we need. They are not only technically sound but their caring and diligent attitude too is praiseworthy. We are 100% satisfied with their work.

If you are looking for a company that specializes in revenue cycle management then this is BillmyMed. The improvement that I have seen in my billing process and collection is due to BillmyMed. Also services like timely reporting and practice analysis have helped me a lot and have always provided me with the information and guidance I needed to make the right decision. BillmyMed is 100% trustworthy, and that’s why now I can focus on my work as I am free from worries after assigning my billing needs to them. I strongly recommend BillmyMed for billing and related services. This team has the amazing ability to make your life easier.

The BillmyMed experience has been great for me, far beyond my expectations. As an experienced physician, I have been in contact with many billing companies before and I understand their strengths and weaknesses very well. In the light of my experience, I can confidently say that BillmyMed is a leading company in its field. Their services are completely reliable due to their good quality. My opinion, based on my experience, is that this is the company you can really trust for your billing needs.

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