Credentialing & Enrollments

Significance of Insurance Credentialing

Credentialing is the foundation of opening a healthcare facility or a clinic. It also helps build relationships with patients and insurance companies. It is a vital part to enroll in the preferred provider network of an insurance company.

With the credentialing services of BillMyMed, you can benefit from getting into these networks with contracts. This will scale up your revenue and patients’ care and satisfaction. We help you make your facility able to handle a large number of patients with higher patient satisfaction.

Why Choose BillMyMed for Credentialing Services?

We offer credentialing services to plenty of healthcare organizations and hospitals. We will acquire and negotiate contracts with insurance payers and take care of keeping your facility and physicians’ contracts up-to-date with insurance companies.

Take advantage of our expertise to build your relationships with patients and insurance companies to treat more patients in a better way and get the maximum reimbursement rates. Though insurance companies are limited, BillMyMed can easily find their systems and provide you with the required results.

These days, insurance companies cover various services to assist you in getting the reimbursement. They now cater to behavioral health and mental health with fewer restrictions on pre-existing conditions. So, it’s more convenient than ever before to meet the needs of your patients.

It can be tougher to get into your preferred network owing to insurance companies building high barriers of entry and closing off their panels. However, with BillMyMed, you don’t have to worry about it.

In-Network Contracts’ Negotiation

Effective contract negotiation is the first step towards expanding your facility to your desired standard. We are masters in negotiating, and our years of relationships have always benefitted our clients. You lose money if you don’t negotiate contracts effectively. Our experts are here to help you in the negotiation.

Our EDI team has built stronger relationships with various network managers in insurance companies. BillMyMed will take advantage of certain conditions, such as the number of patients in a particular area, to ensure suitable rates for every physician.

We enroll physicians in both private and government networks.

Knowing the ins and outs of these contracts is crucial to making the most reimbursements out of them. Understanding the contracts helps your revenue cycle to run smoothly and prevent denials. Plus, it’s also vital to provide you with timely and accurate reimbursements.

We manage all the issues in the contracting procedure, such as making arrangements to deliver healthcare services to patients, explaining and defining the provider’s reimbursements, and lots more. We’ll also handle the negotiation for the best rates.

Keeping up with plenty of insurance companies and contracts are among the toughest tasks in your revenue cycle management. Make sure your contracts provide you with the optimum rates. You can offer better care to your patients with proper compensation that directly affects your financial growth.

As a member of these networks, your patient pool expands dramatically. It is because of the higher healthcare costs, patients look for health care providers within their network. It’s a method to reach out to more patients across your service area.

However, you may end up paying the low rates for patients yourself, depending on the plan or the network. As a result, it’s critical to negotiate properly while creating your contracts. The more you pay for providing your service, the less you can use for your patient care. Your priority is patient care, and our goal is to ensure the best results for your revenue stream.

BillMyMed Offers Exclusive Credentialing Services

Credentialing may take months of back-and-forth documentation and phone calls because it’s immensely time-consuming. We not only offer credentialing service but also help you resolve all your financial issues. So, hire BillMyMed today.

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