Denial Management

With denial management services, we help scale up the profitability of the practice. Denial analysis is an important part of any healthcare organization because it aids in analyzing confusing data to reduce rejections. It also helps identify and define the main cause of every problem.

At BillMyMed, we meticulously follow up on your rejections and put our analysis and solutions into effect to achieve successful appeals. When it comes to denial management, we know what bothers the provider. Missing or inaccurate data is the most common reason for rejection.

Our team charts each code based on rejection type and responsibility. We use a roadmap to come up with a remarkable denial resolution, considering many elements vital for getting clear, practical, and precise information. The roadmap helps us report rejections regularly and show account adjustments.

We strive to collect the optimum data and keep track of the amount to pay back. We provide the best denial management services by using suitable methods and compatible software.

The following are the reasons why denial management is vital:

  • To lower the cost of collection.
  • To prevent rejections in the future.
  • To figure out the cause of each rejection.
  • To handle rejections within 72 hours of receipt.
  • To add process reports to weigh refused claims.
  • To minimize manual work and the effort to check denial errors.
  • To improve the account collections and effectively handle rejections.
  • To consider denial patterns and trends, and pinpoint the reasons for costly rejections.

Benefits of Our Denial Management Services

Regular Tracking

We keep an eye on the rejections and execute claim rules to edit and prevent denial claims.

Appropriate Approach

Our team uses a streamlined and simple approach to step up the revenue cycle and manage denial hassle-free.


At BilMyMed, we share timely statistics with management to help prevent rejections.

Long-term Advantages

We weigh the results of denial resolution to act accordingly in the long run.

Continuous Monitoring

We keep track of payers’ payment patterns to determine the reasons for claim denials.

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