Payment posting

What is a Payment Posting?

A payment posting is a mechanism that gives you a snapshot of the day-to-day financial affairs of your practice so that on the one hand, mistakes are identified; you are protected from losses, and you get an exact picture of your financial situation, based on which you can make better decisions.

Recording of received payments into patient accounts, entry of write-off and adjustment details, correct decision-making on rejected claims, and other similar matters are significant parts of the payment posting process.

BillMyMed is equipped with all the skills to complete the entire payment posting process with the highest level of expertise. Here’s an overview of how our services can help you:

Decision-Making on Rejected and Denied Claims

Our payment posting system helps understand which of your claims are facing problems, their reasons, and how to resolve those issues.

The system keeps a record of each processing step of every single claim to figure out their progress and status.

Whether or not there is a need to ask the patient for more information, it is necessary to contact the insurance provider, or there is any other problem that needs to be resolved, our payment posting system identifies and resolves all such issues in time.

Ensuring Secondary Payments

Medical practitioners often suffer significant losses because they don’t have access to accurate information about the secondary payers, or because these payers don’t receive proper claims.

To fix those issues, we ensure that correct information about the secondary payers is available, all the factors are considered, and correct bills are sent to them so that there is no loss of your due payments.

Quick Payment

We make the best use of the payment posting system to ensure that claims are paid as soon as possible.

Proper preparation of claims, determination of insurance eligibility, and correct amounts, smooth clearing of claims, correct payment of receivables, and identification of rejected or denied claims are all important issues for a successful payment posting system.

We provide valuable guidance to quickly process your claim and ensure timely payments.

Guidance for the Next Step

The BillMyMed team strives not only to meet your existing billing needs but also to further refine your practice and contribute to helping you make the right decisions.

We ensure that everything related to billing is accurately and timely completed. We collect all the data and information using the latest payment posting techniques. Our team also figures out problems and shortcomings so that you can fix them and make the right decisions for the future.

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